Friday, April 8, 2011

Brides are saying cheese!!!

Prefer savoury over sweet? Having a winery wedding? Do you want something to wow your guests? Or just looking for something totally unique that you haven't seen done at a wedding before?? Well you are in luck because the new trend to hit the wedding world is cheese cake. No not the sweet cheesecake but a wedding cake made out of cheese! Cheesy but true, wedding cakes made out of Brie, Stilton, Pecorino and Yarg are becoming a first tier attraction!

Why have a cheese wedding cake? Well for starters, it's DIFFERENT and what bride doesn't want to be different?! Also, it's a great way to add to your theme if you are having a winery wedding, who doesn't love a little cheese with their wine? Not to mention most likely not all of your guests are into sweets, the key to making your wedding unforgettable is to offer a wide array of food, give your guests options.

Tips on how to pull off the ultimate "cheese" cake...
The recipe is easy, if you are a DIY bride just order wheels of your favorite cheese in different sizes.
  • One layer- serves 20-25
  • Three layers- serves 30-60
  • Four layers- serves 150-200 and should be assembled with a 5lb. block on bottom followed by a 3lb. then a 1lb. and topped with a 8oz. wheel.
For a small cake that feeds 20 people prices start around $40 and prices and cakes can go up to serving 350 people for around $600. This is a more affordable option compared to the cost of your typical wedding cake.

The Big Cheese!

To order one of these fabulously yummy cakes from a professional check out these websites...

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